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Open since April 2011, the ReUse Center has been upgraded from storage trailers to a permanent building.  ReUse BrochureHome Décor materials: lamps, lighting fixtures, sinks, vanities, materials to create your own unique decorations. Also available are art supplies, office supplies (binders, folders, labels), fabrics, card stock, lithographs, and much more. Materials and quantities change frequently, so stop by often and check out what’s available. For more information call (845) 255-8456 or email us at


Donation Guidelines The New Paltz Reuse Center on 3 Clearwater Road off Route 32 takes usable materials that are destined for landfills located over four and a half hours away, and redirects them to the ReUse Center, an onsite warehouse, so they can be repurposed. The variety of rescued materials on hand opens the imaginative minds of our community. Teachers of all grades have given feedback that our supplies are perfect for engaging children in positive, mind-stimulating activities; help explain environmental impacts of reusing; and, artists have given feedback that our materials helped to add the finishing touch on a “masterpiece”. Cardboard materials such as tubes and cones, yarns, large pieces or bolts of fabrics, beads, unused ceramic tile, etc are amongst the items that we are accepting to restock our ReUse center. So consider clearing out old stock from your store or cleaning out your craft room to donate to the New Paltz ReUse Center. (845) 255-8456


Deconstruction is “reverse construction” of a structure to save materials such as lumber, doors, window and light fixtures for reuse.  It is a green alternative to traditional demolition. This is a result of growing environmental awareness, increasing building materials costs, and evolving local sustainability and zero waste efforts. The purpose of a deconstruction initiative is to assist residents in identifying suitable building materials and safely dismantle them by hand to maximize reusable materials that can be harvested. By deconstructing rather than demolishing, 60% – 90% of construction materials are prevented from going to landfills.


Residual construction materials are brought in by local contractors which are for sale at  our ReUse Center at discounted prices. Although availability changes, you will find lumber, plywood, molding, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, doors, windows, vanities, and many other items to complete home projects.

Materials reclaimed from deconstruction projects are processed, sorted and input into our inventory system, then priced and placed on the sales floor for sale. Statistics are tracked and the results used to improve our approach on future projects.

To get involved, please fill out the contact form, so we can match your interests to our needs.  Thank you so much!

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