Recycle It Right. Refrigerant is one of the easiest materials to manage properly IF you know where to take it. You MUST NOT cut the refrigerant coil. This is a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act and contributes to climate change. Old appliance the cool (air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers etc must be taken to your local transfer station or scrap yard where certified technicians properly remove the refrigerants before recycling. Local Transfer Stations

Compost and mulch in available for limited supplies at $30 a yard. We load Tuesday through Friday only. Deliveries $150 to New Paltz property tax payers only. 

New Paltz Compost brochure
Composting – Commercial/Backyard

Ulster County Municipal Drop-Off Center
What and How to Recycle
Safer Alternatives
What is Medical Waste/SHARPS
Medication Drop Off Locations (New Paltz Police are located on South Putt Corners Road. Drop Off container is in front lobby.)
Safer Alternatives for Household Cleaners

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New Paltz Barter Community a facebook community that posts and interacts for the purpose of sharing skills and items.

Cornell Waste Management Institute’s has developed a comprehensive education program for Grades K through 12.  It includes lesson plans that comply with New York State’s Learning Standards and Core Curriculum.