R3 Exchange

The concept of finding and disposing of materials through an online medium is not new, however, growing popularity of these websites and establishing a focused virtual store with an Online Materials Exchange facilitates direct encounters between givers, takers, borrowers and sharers.  New Paltz has posted its available materials online through Mass Mosaic.  They are a valued partner with similar goals and a new outlook on assisting the community in accessing its abundance of materials as part of a massive decentralized movement to end scarcity.

Funded by a 2012 grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Municipal Waste Reduction and Recycling Assistance Program, New Paltz implementation of the Online Materials Exchange began as part of the ReUse Center program and in collaboration between New Paltz and the EPA as part of the Zero Waste Initiative Pilot Project.

This message board may not be used to exchange the following:

1. Illegal items
2. Illegally obtained items
3. No fraud

Posters- Think twice about posting items that may be a health hazard.
Buyers- Remember that anything that you get is at your own risk! Please use caution when obtaining items.


If you want to post an item, please feel free to join Mass Mosaic and fill out every section of the TILE to format your post. This will make it easier for everyone to exchange, and make it especially exciting for us to prepare statistics so we can all see how much waste we are saving!

If you are interested in an item that has been posted, please contact the user who posted the item as per their requested method (either Private Message or email). The rest of the details can be figured out amongst the two of you in private. Thanks!

Please edit the title of your post and add TAKEN to the beginning of it, so that you will no one else will message you about it. Have fun!

By signing on to this Exchange, you agree to the terms and conditions posted above.