Fees are based on type of material/item and quantity/volume. We are a residential facility and can accept non-commercially generated quantities up to two (2) cubic yards (3X3X3). Larger quantities should be taken over the County scale. We do NOT accept liquids including paint, and we do NOT accept hazardous waste including fluorescent bulbs.

The ReUse Center is open to the public 5 days a week for shopping from 9-4:30pm. The Center is full of crafts supplies (yarn, embroidery floss, fabric and accessories), office and building supplies. Items are sold as priced at up to 90% off store prices. Since 2012, over 225 tons of material has been diverted from being transported to a landfill 245 miles away, and given a second chance at being made into something useful.

We accept electronics from NEW PALTZ PROPERTY TAX PAYERS ONLY at 40 cents per pound with a minimum fee of $1.00 plus a one day permit. New Paltz mailing address does not count as a property tax payer. Contact UCRRA for their FREE drop off location and hours.