Climate Action Coalition – The Climate Action Coalition of New Paltz works to alert people in our area to the changes they can expect from climate change, and to help them reduce the causes and adjust to the effects. Meets every Thursday at 5pm at the New Paltz Village Hall.

Dolphin Plumbing, Inc. – Master plumbers and a local business.  Phone: (845) 834-2797  Website:

Environmental Protection Agency – National organization for the protection of human health and the environment.  Phone: 877-251-4575  Website:

Food Not Bombs/NPZ De Facto – The De Facto Community Project is a long -term project to create a multi-functional , multi- purpose, multi-service community center in New Paltz, NY.  Email:  Facebook:

Heady Teddy Outfitters is the Hudson Valley’s only shop which specializes in vintage music memorabilia and Grateful Dead collectibles. Phone: (845) 444-1720 Website:

Home Energy Consultants, Inc. – Jonathan Flynn. Will show you how to reduce energy costs and guide you through the process by demystifying the NYSERDA process.  Phone: 845-635-8302 Email:

Fossil Fuel Resistance – Check out the Mercedes converted to run on vegetable oil and chat with them about the Pilgrim Pipeline project.  Learn more about what you can do to conserve and advocate for the environment.

New Paltz ReUse and Recycling Center – Focusing on education and waste reduction, staff helps the public understand the importance of changing consumer habits, reusing everything possible, eliminating hazardous materials, recycling and other lifestyle changes to move toward zero waste and sustainability.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation The NYSDEC division of solid waste and recycling is responsible for oversight and management of solid waste. Their hierarchy encourages education on waste reduction, reuse and recycling Phone: (845) 256-3000  website:

Rifton Woodcrest – Woodcrest was the first community of the Bruderhof in the United States, started in 1954 on a property near the Walkill River. They are a faith based community that advocate local volunteerism and support.

Solid Waste Disposal Service, Inc – This local company has offered garbage and recycling collection for over ten years and has recently added  organics to the list of services provided to customers.  Learn more from owner Phil Ferraro. 845-453-8741

Solarize Hudson Valley Solarize Hudson Valley is a partnership of municipalities, community organizations and solar companies working to expand renewable energy in the Hudson Valley. Email: website:

Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Inc. Take Me Home Pet Rescue Inc., is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that rescues pets from high kill shelters & finds them loving homes. Website:

Dan Guenther has been a farmer and farm consultant for 20 years. He helped create CSA’s in the Hudson Valley including Brook Farm Project and Phillies Bridge Farm. He and his wife, Ann, have actively been educating the people on climate change and offering alternatives to energy consumption through education. They co-founded New Paltz Climate Action Coalition. Their work involves community outreach and SUNY New Paltz interns to reduce climate change effects and carbon footprint.

Food Not Bombs is part of the De Facto Community Center project which is a local movement to sustainability and social outreach through community events and membership.   This group of advocates for real change with hands on support for food security, farms, local businesses and artisans.

Lion Zen plays a blend of rock and blues which they refer to as Playing Groove Rock ((Psychedelic Country Blues)) Come on out and “Get your Groove On” with this newly formed band.

Special thanks to Davy from Heady Teddy for helping us out with tents and getting us in touch with Lion Zen.  YOU ROCK!