Recycle It Right. Refrigerant is one of the easiest materials to manage properly IF you know where to take it. You MUST NOT cut the refrigerant coil. This is a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act and contributes to damages to the ozone layer that create climate change. Old appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers etc.) must be taken to your local transfer station or scrap yard where certified technicians properly remove the refrigerants before recycling. Local Transfer Stations  or West Kingston Recycling

According to the “Drawdown” program, “……refrigerants could be the number #1 most effective way to reverse impacts on the climate. Beginning now, we must closely monitor refrigerants for leakage and properly disposed of old appliances. The total carbon dioxide-equivalent reductions that can be achieved from 2020-2050 in the Drawdown Plausible scenario are 89.7 gigatons.”

Rank and Results by 2050
89.74 gigatons
reduced CO2