What and How to Recycle:
Empty and rinse ALL containers . Remove items from bags and boxes before placing them in recycling containers! Recycling labels are available in the ReUse and Recycling Office.

• newspapers, magazines, catalogs, inserts
• white and colored paper (lined, copier, computer, staples
• mail and envelopes (any color, window envelopes OK)
• paper bags
• wrapping paper
• soft-cover books, telephone books (paperbacks, comics, etc.; no spiral bindings)
• cardboard egg cartons and trays
• smooth cardboard (cereal boxes, tubes, file folders, cardboard from product packaging)
BROWN CARDBOARD Flatten ALL cardboard; remove Styrofoam® and plastic and discard in your garbage.

Don’t include the following with your paper recycling. This is GARBAGE!:
• hardcover books; napkins, paper towels, or tissues
• soiled paper plates and coffee cups; paper soiled with food or liquid (compost it with your kitchen fruit & veggies)
• paper with a lot of tape and glue
• plastic or wax-coated paper (candy wrappers, take-out containers, etc.) photographic paper; padded mailing envelopes (plastic bubbles)

EMPTY aerosol cans, beverage cans, etc.) plastic bottles and jugs with a neck (#1 and #2)

We also accept unexpired food and wearable clean clothing/coats/etc for local charities.
Household metal (wire hangers, cooking pots, tools, small appliances (i.e. microwaves, toaster ovens) that are mostly metal.

EMPTY/OPEN paint cans, lawn furniture, file cabinets etc.; bulk metal such as stoves/washers
• large Freon appliances have a surcharge. Refrigerators, De-humidifiers, freezers, air conditioners, etc.
• Most window blinds/shades are vinyl which is a resin NOT PLASTIC. This is GARBAGE.
CLEAN aluminum foil wrap & trays (NO cans, bottles or Mylar® coffee bags! This is GARBAGE.)

Rigid/molded plastics are NOT accepted by UCRRA for recycling

rigid plastic packaging (“molded” and “clamshell” take-out
• rigid plastic housewares (mixing and cereal bowls, etc. NOT plastic spoons, forks or knifes)
• bulk rigid plastic (crates, buckets, pails, furniture, large toys, storage, laundry and clean waste baskets, etc.)
NO plastic appliances (blenders, coffee pots, mixers), toothpaste or shampoo tubes. As of 2013, we are NO longer taking flower/garden pots. We don’t want your dirt!

GLASS Bottles and jars ONLY.(NO pottery, dishes, vases, ceramics, Pyrex®, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes or pane glass)

Ask if you are not sure which container your item goes into. We do our best to offer as many options as possible to reuse or recycle. Sometimes the only option is the garbage container. You must PAY FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU THROW AWAY.