Residential Transfer Station: For the fee schedule 2020-Fee-Schedule or for more information call (845) 255-8456. Residents with less than two cubic yards of waste can bring waste in Tuesday through Saturday from 9am-5pm to the New Paltz facility located on Clearwater Road by the ballfields. (Last load in by 4:45pm) A permit is required.  ALL LOADS MUST HAVE A TARP under NYSDOT regulations.

Recycling Services: Recyclables including brown corrugated cardboard, mixed paper (newspaper, office paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, etc.), commingled (plastic bottles, jugs, yogurt tubs, etc) and metal cans, and, glass bottles and jars can be brought to the New Paltz facility on Clearwater Road in loads of less than two cubic yards. A permit is required.

E-Waste:  Electronics can be recycled at the UCRRA Main Office in Kingston for FREE, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM.  Electronics are accepted from businesses (with less than 50 employees), non-profits (with less than 75 employees) and residents.  If you have a business with more than 50 employees or a non-profit with more than 75 employees please contact an electronic company. The New Paltz Recycling Center will take computers from New Paltz property tax payers for $.40 a pound.  Please click here for more information regarding electronics.

Household Hazardous Waste:  UCRRA accepts household hazardous waste such as oil based paints, stains, fluorescent bulbs, pesticides, and various other chemicals.  The Agency has three events a year.  These events are FREE and are only open to Ulster County residents.  Appointments are required to participate.  Please click here for more information regarding household hazardous waste.

Brush/Yard Waste: New Paltz excepts brush up to 4″ in diameter and 6 feet in length without a permit. Anything up to 27″ in diameter and twelve feet in length will be accepted for a fee. Grass clippings and leaves will be accepted with a permit and no additional fees.Please click here for more information.

Compost:  Compost is available for purchase by the yard $30 or can $6 at the New Paltz facility located on Clearwater Road 1/2 mile off Route 32 by the ballfields. Compost, mulch and decayed organic material is in limited supplies. The compost is not bagged, however, we can deliver it by the truckload for $150 to New Paltz property tax payers. Click here for more information regarding compost or for information on composting see Composting-commercial & back-yard.